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Global Roaming >> How to Activate

Please follow the steps given below:

1) Please contact your nearby VSNL office and register for the Global Roaming Service.
(Application form can be downloaded here)

2) Once registered, you will be informed of your account registration and other details by mail.


4) IMPORTANT : Please note that different access charges are applied even in the same country and/or city. For example, access charge for "All Cities-USA" nos. is Rs.7/min whereas access charges for other nos. in USA may vary between Rs. 1.5/min and Rs. 4/min. So,refer the price list before dialing the nos.

5) Install "IPASS CONNECT" on your laptop and enter the details as given below -
USERNAME : Your complete e-mail address ( e.g. john@vsnl.net)
PASSWORD : your existing password

NOTE : No other details ,for example, "POP3 PASSWORD" , "POP3 SERVER" etc will get changed .

6) Sending Mails :
Outgoing Mail (Smtp) Server :
Outgoing Mail Server Username : yourusername (e.g john for john@vsnl.net)

You can also use the webmail service at http://webmail.vsnl.com for sending mail.

How to Roam with Tata Indicom Global Roaming?

The iPass connection software contains an international phone book with iPass access points and login information. A simple point-and-click interface acts as an "assistant" and creates a connection to the Internet , based on the country, city and phone number selected.

Please choose the connection software for your operating system.

Before You Roam
There are three important things to do before you travel

Test the connection software before roaming:
Follow the instructions for installing the iPass Connect Dial Wizard and test its operability before you begin traveling. We suggest that you test several access points.

Understand that modems function differently worldwide:
Many countries have different telecommunications laws and practices. Check with your modem supplier to ensure your modem will be compatible with the phone systems in the country where you are traveling. Many of the older modems are not compatible in several countries. Make sure you also have compatible electrical power adapters for the country where you are roaming. For comprehensive information about international phone systems, or to purchase the adaptors you will need while traveling, please see: http://www.teleadapt.com/ipass.

Update your iPass connection software:
Before you begin roaming, consult with us to make sure you have the most recent release of the iPass connection software. This will ensure you have the current access numbers before you roam. iPass adds new phone numbers regularly.




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