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Q1. What are the various types of Internet packs available?

Ans.:Currently we have 2 types to packs available Fresh and Renewal.
Fresh packs are for first time subscribers. It comes with a CD with Tata Indicom Internet Dialer, soft phone for Net telephony, iPass dialer for international roaming ( you need to active the service before you go). Plus you have a whole lot of exciting softwares and games.

Q2. Which is better - Tata Indicom by VSNL or others?

Ans.: Tata Indicom internet service is now Tata Indicom Total Internet. Total internet offers you a host of services like internet access, net telephony, e mail services in one single pack. Currently no other ISP provider offers anything like this in India.
Apart from these you have a host of value added services like Crakblok, free night surfing on 100 hour and more value packs, national roaming and international roaming.

Tata Indicom is a clear leader in terms of product offerings and innovation and quality of service. VSNL has won the PC Quest Users choice award for Internet Connectivity for the 5th year in a row in the year 2003.

Tata Indicom VSNL is also ranked as the third best Internet service provider (ISP) in Asia and 29th in the world from among a total of 11,000 ISPs globally in an independent survey done by England-based Network Specialist Netconfigs.

Q3. Why do you have two types of packs - Fresh & Renewal?

Ans.: Fresh packs are for first time users of the Tata Indicom Internet Service. It comes with a CD with the Tata Indicom Dialer, soft phone for Net telephony and a host of utility tools, softwares and games. We recommend that you make complete use of the CD. It also comes with an installation manual for first time users.
The Renewal pack comes with a coupon to renew you current existing Tata Indicom Internet Service from VSNL account.
The two types of packs and the denominations are for the convenience of the customer.

Q4. After buying your Tata Indicom pack, what other charges will be levied on me?

Ans.: The Tata Indicom pack is a pre-paid pack and hence there are no charges that we levy in addition to the purchased amount.

Q5. What are the advantages of seeing my account balance in rupees than in hours (as earlier)?

Ans.: Your Tata Indicom Internet service is now Tata Indicom Total Internet. Now you not only have access to internet you can also make calls across the world using Net Telephony. Also you will enjoy a host of other services shortly being launched.

For the first time in India, we are introducing a value pack which can be used across a host of services starting, Internet access, net telephony and mailing service. This will result in you buying a single pack and using it across any of these services offered.

You also have an option where in you can use all the value of the pack for net telephony alone or just use it up for internet access.

This works on the similar principle as pre paid mobile cards, where you can use the amount to either make a local call, or a long distance call or just use it send SMS. The appropriate amount will be debited from your account.

Q6. Are your access numbers, for getting connected to the Internet, toll free?

Ans.: No, to connect to the internet you need a local landline access and the rate will be as applicable. Please contact your basic service provider for the charges.

Q7. What is the speed that one gets after logging on to Tata Indicom by VSNL?

Ans.: Typical connection is at 56 kbps. However your speed will depend on the Service provider of your telephone line.

Q8. Post 'Total Internet'; are there any new 'modes of Payment'/ Purchase that you plan to introduce?

Ans.: Total Indicom Total Internet Packs are available in more than 5500 outlets across India and at the nearest retail outlet near your office or home. Just ask for the Tata Indicom Total Internet pack of the denomination of your choice.

You can also get the pack home delivered or buy on-line through credit card or i-banking facilities of the banks as follows:

You can also purchase Tata Indicom Total Internet Account through any of the ICICI Banks ATMs.

Q9. What are the preferred System requirements to be able to use Tata Indicom Total Internet Services?

  Pentium grade PC
Windows 95/98/2000/Windows NT/XP
Colour monitor with 16-bit colour display
28 kbps Modem
24X CD-ROM drive
15 MB of free hard disk space Additional requirement for Net Telephony: PC Sound card

Q10. Can I connect to your Internet Service using my Wireless WLL phone provided by MTNL/BSNL/TTSL?

Ans.: Technically yes, however you need to check with your operator as to whether they allow the connectivity.

Q11. Can I get a detailed bill of my usage?

Ans.: Both for internet access and net telephony your usage details are available on www.internet.vsnl.com/myaccount.
The balance enquiry of your account can also be found in the "my account" section.

Q12. What is the time given beyond which I can renew my account post exhausting my value or validity?

Ans.: You are requested to renew before you expire your validity or value of the account in order to have an uninterrupted service. However if you have in any case missed to do so you can do the same within 2 months from the date your account has become inactive.
By renewing you account within 2 months which is the grace period you will enjoy the benefit of carry forward of your value and validity with the renewal. Apart from this you will get bonus on renewal up to Rs. 150 as an incentive to renew.

Post the 2 month grace period your account will be closed and you will not be able to carry forward your value or validity and also lose the user id which you are using as the email id to communicate with the world.

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